How to Start a Catering Company

Starting a Catering Company

Starting a new company that caters to the towns near you is both extremely hard and yet fairly simple all at the same time.  Follow the tips below and the entire business will go much, much smoother.

Catering Company Tips

Get Organized

The biggest challenge when starting a new catering company in Waco is the organization.  A catering company is not simply a larger kitchen.  Instead, it takes an extreme amount of detail to the entire process (more on that below), which includes organization at every level.  You will have to organize the transportation, plus the presentation of the food and drinks at the clients.  All of the organization will keep you from having a large amount of waste in all the areas, which leads directly to losses instead of profits.

Get Marketing

The hardest part about having a new College Station catering company is the marketing.  How do you go out and get the clients that are willing to pay for your services?  I mean, if you have the absolutely best food and best service, but nobody knows about it, you still won’t get any customers.  Obviously, there is advertising (expensive and not very effective) as well as the Internet (cheaper, if you find the right team) or word of mouth (very effective, but not very widespread).

Get the Right Foods

Some people believe that a new catering company is all about expanding your current menu to a larger number of items.  To some extent, this is true.  However, it’s not all true.  There are many items in your menu that you cannot cater.  They just will not stay hot, or they will get soggy, or something else.  Further, the catering menu should be set so that you have plenty of margin, but your customers believe that they are getting a large amount of value.  So, take some time to find the right food and put it onto your catering menu.


Remember, you have to sell the sizzle.  What that means is that your presentation is crucial for catering.  You don’t want to just drop off the food.  Instead, you want to be sure to make the food look good as well as taste good.  This will leave your clients with a good feeling about the food and the service.


The transportation of the food can be very underrated.  You need to have a well organized system that keeps the hot foods hot and the cold foods cold.  Be sure that the transportation is timely and is designed to arrive when the clients want it to arrive.


Be sure to spend the time to make your catering company the best that it can be.  Use the tips above to make absolutely certain that you have a well organized machine that can deliver tasty, high-margin foods to clients in a timely manner.  Have a great presentation so that you can gain long-term clients and turn the sideline into a major portion of your business.